Commercial Plumbing Upgrades

How Upgrades Can Boost the Bottom Line

Commercial Plumbing UpgradeIf you are planning a commercial plumbing upgrade as part of any type of facility renovation project, you may want to consider water-efficient fixtures. Faucets and flush valves are just a couple of the components that can be installed in order to help reduce utility costs as well as waste. These are some of the ways that companies can benefit from the installation of efficient plumbing equipment.

Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges and flow meters are becoming increasingly popular as facility managers look for ways to reduce maintenance and water expenses. When installed at strategic locations during a commercial plumbing upgrade, these components can help managers easily monitor water flow.

Dual Flush Valves

Dual flush valves are relatively easy and inexpensive for a qualified contractor to install, and can result in significant water savings per year. Users have an option when flushing – a full flush (1.6 gallons per flush) for solid waste, and a half-flush (.8 gallons per flush) for liquid waste. Depending on how many toilets are in a facility, installing dual flush valves can save thousands of gallons (or potentially even hundreds of thousands of gallons) each year.

Even Simple Things Can Add Up

A commercial plumbing upgrade does not have to be extensive or cost a great deal of money. For example, if there are leaky faucets in some of the bathrooms, replace the washers and ball assemblies. If there is a toilet that continues to run, replacing the flapper can take care of the problem. Considering how many toilets and faucets the typical restaurant or factory has, this can add up to substantial water bill savings each month.

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