Commercial Heat Exchanger

Maintaining Commercial Heat Exchangers

Heat exchanges are used in many capacities inside commercial buildings. They can be used for heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, power generation, and sewage treatment. Proper maintenance is crucial to the efficiency of the business, just like any other appliance or electronic device inside of a building. It is important that you know what to expect and who it call when it is time for the yearly tune up.

What is a Heat Exchanger?

A heat exchanger is a machine used in air conditioning and heating systems. Its purpose is to transfer heat from one place to another. In the summer, it can transfer heat out of a building, and in the winter, it will transfer heat into a building. There are two types of heat exchangers; tube and shell heat exchangers and plate and frame heat exchangers. Each one has a different process for cleaning and maintenance.

Commercial Maintenance Experts

Commercial HVAC systems need a delicate hand and the expertise of a knowledgeable and experienced team to ensure maintenance and cleaning tasks go as smoothly as possible. You can’t trust just anyone with your business, but Hartwig Plumbing & Heating has been serving customers like you for decades.

Year-Round Maintenance Tips

  • Heat exchangers should be cleaned frequently-more than once a year.
  • Check all tubes regularly to be sure they are clean and clear.
  • Monitor pressure drops and reduction in thermal performance. Call an HVAC expert when these do not seem to be as efficient as they should be.
  • Scarpers can be used to remove build-up in between maintenance visits.

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