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Top Sewage Issues Chicago Commercial Plumbers Fix

commercial plumbing sewer line issuesTo win today’s consumers, commercial businesses in Chicago know that the look, and smell, of its property can keep or repel customers. Ensuring a clean hygiene of the building is essential to win the customer. Unfortunately, many Chicago businesses are trying to manage sewer odors and are losing the hygiene battle. To win this battle, businesses are calling Hartwig Plumbing & Heating, Chicago’s top commercial plumbing contractor to fix their sewage issue.

There are several potential origins of sewage odor entering a commercial building. Below we’ve listed a three of the most common causes for sewage odor in Chicago commercial buildings.

Leaking Sewer Vents

Properly working sewer vents are key to a building’s success. Sewer vents allow the build-up of sewer gas in the drainage system to rise and escape through the roof. Many times, a crack develops somewhere on the sewer vent pipe, allowing the sewer gas to enter rooms through the walls. Our Chicago commercial plumbing experts use leak detection methods to find the precise location of the leak so it can be accessed and sealed or re-piped.

If the sewer vents were not installed properly, poor venting will result in sewer gas rising from the drains. In that case, our Chicago plumbers may need to replace the sewer vents with the properly sized pipes.

Unused or Abandoned Areas

Chicago is rich in its history of old historic commercial buildings. Some of these older buildings are occupied, but may have sections that are no longer used or have been sealed off. If these areas have drains that are still connected to the main sewage system, sewage gas can rise and escape through old components such as dried-up p-traps. Our commercial plumbing team has the experience and expertise to help identify and resolve issues such as these.

Clogged Sewer Line

The sewer line (or septic line if your facility uses a septic tank) may become clogged with debris or tree root infiltration, leading to a backup in the line that will affect the whole building. Odors are often the first warning sign of a major issue like this. Our commercial plumbers have the tools and techniques to identify, clean and repair clogged sewer lines.
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