Ways to Keep Your Commercial HVAC System Performing at its Best

commercial HVACCommercial HVAC is important to your business, possibly the most important element of your building. Meeting clients, caring for patients, or having interviews, all of these things require the need for a comfortable environment. If your heating and cooling system isn’t working at its best, this can present problems, and you are too busy as a business owner to have to deal with this issue. So, how do you keep from having to have an emergency repair? The best way is to maintenance it and care for the system in a way that keeps it running at its full potential for years to come.

Know When to Call for Commercial HVAC Repairs

This may seem to go without saying, but sometimes, small issues are ignored until they get so large, an emergency repair is needed. At the first sign of inefficiency, call your commercial HVAC repair company.

Changing Filters

This simple task can do more than extend the life of your commercial air conditioner. Clean filters use significantly less energy, which means a lower impact on the environment from your business as well as lower utility bills.

Keep Warranties Current

Warranties are extremely important for when something does go wrong with an HVAC system. Follow all the instructions of the warranties on your HVAC system.

Avoid and Remove Debris

Heat exchangers, tubes, and other openings commonly gather debris. This can easily cause the system to stop working properly. Be sure all debris is removed.

Have a Yearly Maintenance Plan

At least twice a year (spring and fall), your commercial air conditioning and heating system should be maintenanced by a professional HVAC technician. This ensures that for the heating or cooling system everything is ready to go, and you won’t have to worry about emergency situations.

Protect the operations of your crucial commercial HVAC systems through regular maintenance checks and care. To schedule HVAC maintenance, contact Hartwig Plumbing at 855-225-8235.